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fu xi tea
Fu Xi Tea is actually rich in selenium cognitive content in comparison with general tea varieties, such equally Wu Zi Xian Hao Tea, Zi Yang Mao Jian Camellia sinensis, and Zi Yang Yin Zhen Tea.

Atomic number 34, discovered early in 1817, was considered becoming a hazardous element. However, with 1973, the World Health and fitness Organization declared selenium becoming a trace element essential towards human body.

There tend to be two types of atomic number 34—inorganic or organic. The previous is found in soil and minerals while this later in fauna and also flora. Approximately 15-35% of selenium can become dissolved in the Camellia sinensis liquid while brewing in tea cup sets.

Selenium aids strengthen immunity and prevent synthetization of ammonium. That proves effective for antitumorigenesis, antioxidation, purifying free-radicals, deferring senility and recovering from radiation damage. Furthermore, selenium can also detoxify detrimental elements through excretion to shield skin and prevent malignant neoplastic disease.

Today, Fu Xi their tea is mainly produced inside Enshi City of Hubei Province, Ziyang Nation of Shaanxi. Fenggang State of Guizhou and Shitai County of Anhui in China.

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The early planting season green lea is the very best in quality. It includes a bnght green color, robust and lasting fragrance, greenish, bright and clear fruit juice and a refreshing taste.

Storage is critical for green tea quality. It's deterioration leads to the color to change from green and bright to be able to withered yellow, the liquefied turns darkish yellow, burning of fragrance and taste with plastic tea sets. Absorption of dangerous odors may greatly bear on the quality. Therefore, you will need to learn how to shop it.

Factors contributing to help deterioration of green herbal tea


Temperature is a major factor causing deterioration. Higher your temperature, faster will are the oxidization of the tea leaf polyphenol, and consequently, more quickly the deterioration.


Factors such as tea polyphenol in a tea may be oxidized throughout conditions having around thirty% oxygen in the oxygen. Generally, the degree associated with deterioration is directly proportionately to the duration of the company's contact with the atmosphere.


Tea is a hydrophilic substance; therefore your moisture content in a tea leaf will may also increase when stored in an area with high moisture. Numerous elements contained in a tea leaf are hydrophilic compounds which might cause molding and accelerate decline in quality.


Due to photosynthesis, pigments and esters contained in some sort of tea leaf may garden truck some foreign odors.

Dangerous odors

Toa has a new porous texture liable to soak up odors and consequently, bring about deterioration it the tea is stored within an environment having vaned unpleasant odors.

Storage at coldness

Green tea can end up being stored in a fridge
(1) Pack the green tea in small packs;
(2) Seal the tea provides and store in temps of 3-6 Hundred (Note: The tea really should be sealed and preferably saved separately to avoid preoccupation of foreign odors Two possible, keep in the refrigerator especially for tea leaf storage.
(3) Take out your tea leaves or drink Keep outside till this temperature of tea compatible room temperature.

Storage inward sealed packs at convention temperature

The green tea can be put throughout sealed packs and saved in a cool dry position at normal temperature. The particular tea packs must end up being sealed, alight and away from light, moisture and extraneous odors

Storage after deoxidation

Teas cannot be vacuum-jammed because it may prisonbreak the dried tea. and consequently, affect the appearance that is critical to the high quality. However, deoxidizer placement in addition to nitrogen-filling ways involving deoxidation can be implemented for green tea warehousing.

Storage with dry linden tree

Pack the tea In air-permeable papers. Dungeon dried lime in a new doth bag and berth at the center inside the pottery jar. Put the particular tea around the udder. and finally place the actual jar in a aplomb and dry place. Look into the lime regularly and supplant when it is seen to be moisturized. This is the traditional way to store Very long Jing tea

The process of green tea warehousing is “low temperature in addition to moisture and avoidance of sunshine, oxygen and foreign odours”. However, the tea obtained home must contain 6% moisture, otherwise it detenorates In case of huge quantities, it must always be packed in small models for the convenience of drinking or storage In addition it is recommended that this same package be employed for the same variety and quality tea otherwise the coffee quality may be affected.

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There exists a popular saying: "Where could Ming Mei Tea possibly be found? In the households of the most stunning countryside!" Wu Yuan Ming Mei Tea is actually produced in the Wuyuan County of Jiangxi Province, with the actual reputation of the "Most incredible Countryside in China." Set along the border 'tween Anhui and Jiangxi State, Wuyuan was under the actual administration of the Hui Prefecture in the last.

In March 2005, the local government applied for subscription of a trade level known as "Wuyuan Green tea herb." Wu Yuan Ming Prunus mume Tea. the most far-famed green tea in Wuyuan, is usually a semi-baked and semitrailer- roasted green tea diverseness processed through deactivation, coming, baking, roasting in pans and rebaking.

It is actually curved like eyebrows, having brilliant white fuzz, rejuvenating, sweet and mellow tastes, lasting fruity fragrance. The actual tea liquid is dark-green, with tender, even and unbroken brewed leaves.

To help brew in English their tea sets, adopt the Camellia sinensis middle-brewing method. Though steeping, the leaves mimic lading plum blossoms." This fragrance and taste are best in antique silver tea sets, and the taste and also fragrance remain even after several brews.

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Xin Yang Mao Jian tea is produced in Xinyang City of Henan Province, where the superior-quality tea plantations connected with "five Yuns (clouds) and also Tangs (ponds)" are situated. The "five Yuns" refer to the five mountains: Mt. Cheyun, Tianyun, Yunwu, Jiyun and Liangyun, even though the "two Tangs" are Heilongtang and Bailongtang.

The tea is compact, ok and round , fuzzy, jade in color, clear fluid, strong and lasting smell, refreshingly mellow and nice taste and aftertaste in tea and toast sets and tender and green festered leaves.

The Xinyang Herbal tea Culture Festival (Apnl 2007) auctioned the Liang Tian Yu Ye herbal tea of the green afternoon tea brand Xin Yang Mao Jian at an impressive price of RMB149,000 yuan for merely I00g of the green tea.

Xin Yang Mao Jian Tea was accorded the gold prize inside the 1915 Panama Pacific Outside(a) Exposition.

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"The water supply in the center of the Yangtze River is the very best, while the tea with top of Mt. Meng gouge is ranked first."

This curved Meng Ding Crew Lu is a brand of green tea produced within Mt. Mengding in the actual western Mingshan County connected with Sichuan Province. It is said that Wu Lizheng, the "Forefather of Tea" and the "Master of Dew," privately planted seven tea bushes in the Shangqing Bill that are still witnessed today.

In addition the therapy lamp also produces the chicken tea Meng Ding Huang Ya.

The Meng Ding Gang Lu features curled foliage, fuzzy buds, bright yellow- green liquid, mild fragrance, refreshingly sweet taste, in addition to yellowish-green and young brewed leaves. To brewage the tea in cute tea sets, the middle-making method should be put into practice. The fine and warm buds sink to the lower and then unfurl afterwards absorbing moisture.

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